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The Shop with Palapa on the plantation

In the serene environment we call “The Aloe Vera Plantation Curacao” you can experience the entire process from plant to bottle with a high end Virtual Reality tour. After the tour you can try and buy Curacaos Most natural and authenthic gift, Curaloe. Sit back and relax under the palapa surrounded by 100.000 Aloe Vera plants with a cup of coffee, a fresh softdrink or a cold beer.

    • Weg naar Groot St. Joris West 9
    • Aloe Vera Plantation
    • Willemstad, Curaçao
    • Dutch Caribbean
    • +( 599 9) 767 5577

Our plantation and our stores are Wheelchair accessible.

Visit us and see our Virtual Reality tour!

We created a 360° video to show our entire production process from plant to product!

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