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Curaloe® Facial Skin Toner

Facial Line

Curaloe® Skin Toner

Our Curaloe® Skin Toner refreshes the skin and effectively removes make-up and cleans other residue.

Benefits Curaloe® Skin Toner:

• 75% pure Aloe Vera gel.
• With Cucumber Extract, Grapefruit Peel Oil and Lime Oil.
• Cleans the pores.
• Kills bacteria.
• 150ml / 5.0 fl Oz

Application: This product is safe on dry, sensitive skin of all ages. Dispense an appropriate amount onto a cotton ball, apply it to the skin and gently pat to enhance absorption. Avoid contact with eyes. After use of Curaloe® Skin Toner apply Curaloe® Facial Gel and/or any Curaloe® Moisturiser.

No Parabens nor animal derived ingredients are added to our products.