• Aloe Vera plantation from Curaloe

    About us


Sebastiaan van der Veer
General Manager
  • +(599 9) 767 5577
  • s.veer@ecocityprojects.com


Roy Knippenborg
Commercial Manager
  • +(599 9) 683 4923
  • r.knippenborg@ecocityprojects.com


Employees from Curaloe working on the plantation

Our Vision

We care deeply about the health of our people and our environment since we know that happiness begins with good health.

Our vision’s primary objective is to provide our customers with Aloe Vera based products cultivated and manufactured with natural ingredients. Additionally, we are committed to bring a high level of environmental and social responsibility to our daily operations and incorporate ecological considerations in all our business decisions.

Our Business Philosophy

We strive to create a business environment which has been designed to continuously adapt and improve our human capital and internal organization in order to maximize customer satisfaction and prosper in a global competitive environment.

Solar panels on the factory from Curaloe

Our Green Philosophy

We strive to realize this vision by implementing good business practices designed to minimize harmful environmental impacts of our farming, manufacturing and business operations by reducing the use of harmful inputs and outputs and optimizing our use of natural resources.

Our Social Philosophy

We strive to become responsible corporate citizens by making the experience of our workforce truly meaningful and beneficial to them. Additionally, we believe in participating in the community by sharing our resources and knowledge with our local community.

Sustainability goals 2019