• Aloe Vera plantation from Curaloe

    About us

The History

On July 25th, 1997, Curaçao Ecocity Projects NV was incorporated, and the company started developing the plantation in December 1999. The plantation covers an area of 10 acres, 5 of which are used to cultivate the more than 100,000 specimens that are growing at our plantation at this moment. It takes 2 years for an Aloe Vera plant to mature to the point at which it can be harvested. The average time span for harvesting is approximately 10 years, during which we will collect 6 to 8 leaves from the bottom of the plant per harvest.

Factory on the Aloe Vera plantation from Curaloe
In 2002 we received financial support for the construction of the production plant through Senter, a Dutch governmental institution that subsidizes development projects that involve Dutch companies. In 2003, the construction was completed, and we ran our first trial production sessions. Since 2004 we have been producing commercially and our annual production level has increased steadily every year.


Sebastiaan van der Veer
General Manager

My responsibility is the entire operation of Curacao Ecocity Projects. Everything from the aloe vera plants in the field till it’s in the bottle.

  • +(599 9) 767 5577
  • s.veer@ecocityprojects.com


Roy Knippenborg
Commercial Manager

The process from the warehouse in Curacao to the consumer at home, that’s my job! The entire sales and marketing worldwide.

  • +(599 9) 683 4923
  • r.knippenborg@ecocityprojects.com


Employees from Curaloe working on the plantation

Our Vision

We care deeply about the health of our people and our environment since we know that happiness begins with good health.
Our vision’s primary objective is to provide our clients with natural products cultivated and manufactured with natural ingredients. Additionally, we are committed to bring a high level of environmental and social responsibility to our daily operations and incorporate ecological considerations in all our business decisions.


We strive to create a business environment which has been designed to continuously adapt and improve our human capital and internal organization in order to maximize customer satisfaction and prosper in a global competitive environment.

Solar panels on the factory from Curaloe

Green Philosophy

We strive to realize this vision by implementing good business practices designed to minimize harmful environmental impacts of our farming, manufacturing and business operations by reducing the use of harmful inputs and outputs and optimizing our use of natural resources.