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About Curaloe

Curacao Ecocity Projects NV (Curaloe) is a dynamic company specialized in the cultivation, production and the manufacturing of the Curaloe cosmetic & dietary supplement brand.

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Aloe Barbadensis

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is world renowned for its natural healing properties. Our Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), organic cultivation methods and Dutch engineered processing equipment all contribute to the production of the highest quality product available.

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Our Products

Our Products

Our finished product range includes over 20 items ranging from a large variety of skin care products to dietary supplements.

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The perfect gift

CurAloe is Curaçao’s most Authentic and Natural souvenir/gift item. Our products are widely available during your visit in Curaçao (Hotel shops, The Airport or the different CurAloe shops located on the island).

Even if you are not visiting the island, CurAloe is a perfect gift to spoil yourself or your loved ones. FREE Worldwide shipping for purchases over $50. It makes the perfect surprise for any Holiday, Birthday or special occasion.

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Our Retail Line

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The island of Curaçao, located in the Southern Caribbean and is home to our beautiful Aloe Vera plantation. Here we manufacture our natural CurAloe products and distribute these all over the World. We take pride in our Good Manufacturing Practices and the Natural way of producing without using pesticides or other chemicals in our cultivation process.  All our CurAloe products are listed on this website and for our finished products, we offer Free  Worldwide Shipping when you order online.


aloe_leaf_home2When traveling to the island, a visit to the Aloe plantation is a must. Visitors can enjoy a short Aloe Vera presentation where they learn all there is to know about the Aloe Vera plant, the secrets of its healing properties and see how we produce our natural products. Our largest CurAloe shop is located on the plantation where you can buy our latest products, souvenirs and also enjoy a refreshing drink under our ‘Palapa’ while taking in the serene landscape.

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circular-logo-homeOur good agricultural practices, good manufacturing practices, and customized Dutch engineered processing equipment all contribute to the quality of our products.